Chicago Approved Exit Signs

Chicago-approved exit signs must adhere to specific rules and guidelines. The letters in "EXIT" must be 6 inches tall with a 3/4-inch stroke, accompanied by directional arrows or chevrons of the same width. The word "EXIT" must illuminate in red. Our signs feature long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lamps and UL-listed 90-minute battery backups. Constructed with durable 20-gauge steel housings, our City of Chicago exits fully comply with codes and are inspector-approved. Additionally, our Chicago exits series meets the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and Buy American provisions. Choose our City of Chicago-approved exit signs for guaranteed compliance with fire inspections.

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Special Use Emergency Lights & Exit Signs: Chicago Approved

For many family-owned businesses, corporate offices, and retail outlets in Chicago, obtaining suitable Chicago-approved emergency lights can be quite daunting. At Emergency Lights Co., we prioritize offering regulation-compliant products at competitive prices, all while embodying the city's renowned friendliness and hospitality. It may be unexpected to learn that Chicago boasts not only a highly diverse climate but also some of the strictest fire codes and safety regulations in the United States.