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Special Use Emergency Lights & Exit Signs: Chicago Approved

For a number of family-owned businesses, corporate offices, and retail locations based in Chicago, procuring the right Chicago-approved emergency lights can prove a significant challenge. At Emergency Lights Co., we’re committed to providing regulation-specific products at the most affordable prices, coupled with the friendliness and hospitality for which the city is admired.

As a contractor, business owner, or designer, it can be difficult to navigate the host of requirements guiding the use and implementation of emergency lights. To obviate the guesswork and to view a full inventory of our Chicago approved exit signs and emergency lights, click here. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have via phone at (800) 480-0707, or via email at

It may come as a surprise that Chicago has not only one of the most extremely variegated climates in the United States, but also one of the most stringent sets of fire codes and safety regulations. For the extreme seasonal weather fluctuations of Chicago, we recommend this durable Chicago Wet Location LED Exit Sign, or this popular, industrial grade Wet Location Chicago Emergency Light. We offer exit signage and emergency lighting tailored to a range of indoor and outdoor locations, and offer custom quotes to match your city and building requirements. Order online today.

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