Emergency Light Bulbs

Exit signs and emergency lights are available in various sizes and configurations. The Exit Light Company provides an extensive range of replacement bulbs and lamps, including 12-volt, 120-130 volt, 4-volt, and 6-volt options, as well as sealed beam lamps and LED lamps, to meet your emergency lighting requirements.

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Emergency Light Bulbs

Replacing emergency light bulbs is a cost-effective and straightforward method to ensure the longevity of your emergency lighting system. Rather than investing in a new fixture, opt for a replacement emergency light bulb to restore functionality promptly. Emergency lights play a crucial role in building safety and are mandated across North America, underscoring the importance of promptly acquiring your replacement emergency light bulb.

We provide an extensive range of emergency lights and LED exit sign bulbs, covering every option available in the industry today. This includes hard-to-find, high-powered bulbs and specific types like halogen, sealed beam, tungsten, MR16, and LED. Our replacement emergency light bulbs are all offered at wholesale prices, and the majority are available for immediate shipping.

Replacing emergency light bulbs is a quick and efficient solution for addressing a burned-out emergency lighting fixture, avoiding the need to hire an electrician or replace the entire unit. Explore our selection to find the perfect replacement emergency light bulb today.