Fluorescent Emergency Lamps

Fluorescent emergency lamps are crafted to meet the demands of spaces requiring constant, uninterrupted illumination. Widely employed in diverse commercial settings, from warehouses and parking garages to offices, these lights cater to a spectrum of needs. Wherever businesses operate, the demand for dependable lighting solutions persists.

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Fluorescent Lamps for AC & Emergency Fixtures

Fluorescent emergency lamps are designed to suit any room that needs continuous, uninterrupted lighting. These lights are used in various commercial buildings from warehouses to parking garages to offices. Wherever there is a business, there is a need for quality, reliable lighting solutions.

At Emergency Lights Co., we promote fluorescent lamps that are energy efficient and last for up to 20,000 hours. The lamps emit a clean, bright white light that is sufficient in any professional setting. The lamps vary in power from 15 to 32 watts, and the color temperatures vary from 3,500K to 4100K. Choose from a selection of U-shaped fixtures that start instantly and include electronic ballasts.

Emergency Lights Co. provides only the best in fluorescent lighting solutions. Our fluorescent emergency lamps are designed for use in residential and commercial settings. Wherever you work, make sure you are getting enough light and view our selections online.