New York Approved Exit Signs

In New York, approved exit signs adhere to strict regulations and standards. Compliance is mandatory for those located within the five boroughs, requiring adherence to specific codes for exit signs and emergency lighting. New York City regulations stipulate that the word "EXIT" must be 8 inches tall with a 1-inch stroke, illuminated in red. Our energy-efficient LED exit signs at Exit Sign Warehouse fully meet these requirements, ensuring code compliance and approval by inspectors.

Special Use Emergency Lights & Exit Signs: New York City Approved

When it comes to emergency lighting, many customers have specific needs, including adherence to regional guidelines for safety and use. At Emergency Lights Co., we’re sensitive to these considerations, and look forward to meeting your specific needs with the highest level of customer service, product selection, and expert support in the industry.

For our East Coast clientele, we offer a broad range of NYC-approved emergency lights, well suited to a variety of commercial and residential applications. One of our most popular models in this category is this T Bar Recessed New York City Emergency Light. Like many of our NYC-approved exit signs, this model can be customized to suit your preferences. Optional features include round lamps, side-mounted lamps, choice of housing color, nickel cadmium battery, metal lamp heads, and the inclusion of self-diagnostic testing technology.