Light Fixture - 4 Foot Fluorescent Vapor Tight - 28W T5 - AC w/ Emergency Backup Option

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T5 Fluorescent Emergency Light

The T5 fluorescent tube is a popular high output lighting solution for many types of commercial applications. The FTEL can be equipped with a battery backup to qualify as a UL Listed emergency light.

During normal operations, the FTEL-T5 can be used as a basic vapor tight fixture. When a power failure is detected in the AC circuit, the backup ballast immediately pops on, lighting a single tube at a reduced output for 90 minutes.

The rugged design of this fluorescent light makes it popular for commercial and industrial applications. The snap together design makes installation and maintenance for this emergency light simple. Polycarbonate construction and a clear cover shields the emergency light from vandalism and corrosion.


T5 Fluorescent Emergency Light Dimensions
  • Powerful T5 fluorescent tubes
  • Designed for regular and heavy duty commercial installation
  • Polycarbonate cover is vandal resistant and easy to assemble
  • Efficient and long lasting illumination
  • 1 or 2 T5 fluorescent tubes are available
  • Optional backup ballast for a UL924 compliant emergency light


The FLEL T5 fluorescent light is designed for use in normal to heavy-duty commercial applications. The corrosion resistant housing and acrylic shield make it popular for parking garages, warehouses, schools, and other industrial environments.


The FTEL fluorescent light housing is manufactured from 100% UV stabilized polycarbonate material that features an integrated liquid silicone perimeter gasket with memory retention. Recessed stainless mounting brackets are included and securely install this emergency light to most inflammable surfaces.


Utilizes 120/277v AC electricity to operate. Comes standard with solid state charging circuitry, low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, and brownout protection. Also available in a 347v or 480v AC operation model.

Lamp Specifications

One or two T5 fluorescent tubes provide long lasting, powerful illumination. The tubes can be used for normal lighting purposes and feature a life of 10-12,000 hours. Call us for a recommendation on what model to choose.


To purchase a model with one or more of the options below (that are not offered above) please contact us via email or call us at 800-480-0707 for price and availability.

Pendant Kit - The emergency light can come with a pendant kit that allows the unit to be mounted from a high ceiling. Standard 1/2 inch conduit piping is included with a canopy attachment.

Chain Hang Kit - Similar to the pendant kit option, the chain hang kit allows the emergency light to be hung instead of mounted to the ceiling making it perfect for warehouse and other industrial emergency lighting applications.

Tamper Proof - The tamper proof option makes vandalism or tampering with the emergency light nearly impossible. The unit is popular for prisons, schools, and hospitals when ordered with this option.


The FTEL fluorescent vapor tight is designed to be extremely durable. The corrosion resistant polycarbonate housing can be outfitted with a tamper proof hardware kit for increased protection.


This emergency light is popular with contractors and electricians looking to find an emergency light that can stand up to moderate abuse, yet provide powerful illumination.


The FTEL fluorescent light with emergency ballast and normally on mode is an extreme value. This fixture doubles as a normal fluorescent light under normal conditions. When power is lost, the light ililluminates for 90 minutes. This \ light is an ingenious emergency lighting and general lighting solution.


This fluorescent emergency light installs to walls or ceilings and can also be outfitted with either a pendant kit or chain hang kit for high ceiling applications. Connects to 120v or 277v AC power with other voltages available upon request.