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Exit signs must be illuminated during building occupancy as per regulations. In reality, these signs remain illuminated 24/7. Older exit signs typically utilize incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, leading to substantial energy consumption and frequent bulb replacements. Consider upgrading to modern, energy-efficient exit signs equipped with light emitting diodes (LEDs) or light emitting capacitors (LECs) to alleviate these costs. Alternatively, opt for a retrofit kit to update the lighting in existing exit signs to energy-efficient LED technology. Retrofitting incandescent or fluorescent exit signs with LEDs can reduce energy usage by up to 75%!

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LED Replacement Kits for Fluorescent and Incandescent Exit Signs

Consider LED exit sign retrofits for cost-effective solutions, especially if your exit sign fixture was a significant investment. Many exit signs still rely on incandescent or fluorescent lighting, which can be challenging to replace due to factors like antiquity, rarity, or high cost. Moreover, conventional light bulbs used in such signs often entail frequent maintenance and elevated energy expenses.

With LED exit sign retrofits, you can retain your current incandescent or fluorescent exit signs while enhancing efficiency by transitioning to LED illumination. These retrofit kits offer an ideal solution for those seeking to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, and retain their existing exit sign fixtures.

Explore our assortment of LED exit sign retrofits and feel free to contact us with any inquiries! We provide LED retrofit kits for all types of exit signs available on the market.