MR16 Halogen Lamps

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MR16 Floodlight Bulbs

A halogen light is known for its very bright, high-intensity light. The halogen lamps are particularly useful in airports, sports fields and other areas that require high-powered light.

MR16 halogen lamps are made with integrated multifaceted reflectors that are 2 inches in diameter. The halogen bulbs emit the light, and the glass reflectors control the output of the light. The lamps are made with varying angles of beams that emit varying amounts of light. For instance, our 12V 20W MR16 emergency light bulb emits a light at 36° that lasts an average of 200 hours.

Our bi-pin bases make it easy to replace your emergency light bulbs. After a few minutes of installation, receive a bright, intense white light on any surface. Buy your MR16 halogen lamps items individually or in bulk. Receive fast shipping in one or two days.

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