LED Outdoor Emergency Light (w/ Optional Dual Mode) - Housing Options

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Waterproof LED Emergency Light

LED emergency lights have become popular in recent times because the quality and power of the light produced has improved while energy consumption has remained low. The small size of LEDs allows the housing to be more attractively designed and since LEDs use less energy than traditional emergency lights, they use Nickel Cadmium .batteries instead of the conventional and bulkier Sealed Lead Acid.

This model is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it is wet location rated, so it can be used oudoors and in wash down areas. The fully gasket LED emergency light housing is constructed from die-cast aluminum and finished in white, black, bronze, or silver. This LED wet location emergency light can even be outfitted with a battery heater for operation in freezing environments.


Wet Location LED Emergency Light Dimensions
  • LED emergency light is efficient and long lasting
  • Emergency only. AC and Emergency dual-mode is available
  • Die-cast aluminum housing is oudoor rated and waterproof
  • Optional battery heater for outdoor conditions below 20¬∞F
  • Simple push-button for easy testing of the battery backup
  • Stylish design comes in a variety of finishes
  • UL 924 Listed, compliant throughout the United States


The LEDWL Wet Location LED Emergency Light is designed for oudoor use and features a waterproof housing. This emergency light is popular for indoor applications as well, its appealing and attractive curved design is a favorite of architects and designers for all types of commercial emergency lighting projects.


The housing is rated not only for oudoor use, but also in cold climates. Cold location models feature a battery heater. All models come with a push button for easy testing of the units battery backup system. The LEDWL emergency light can come in standard white or a be finished in bronze, black, or silver.


Utilizes 120/277v AC electricity to operate and charge the battery. Comes standard with solid state charging circuitry, low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, and brownout protection. A battery heater and self diagnostic testing can be added.

Lamp Specifications

A one of a kind emergency light, the LEDWL consumes less than 5 watts of power yet produces brilliant illumination. LED emergency lights are increasingly gaining ground in popularity compared to conventional halogen and incandescent lamp heads.


A Nickel Cadmium emergency light battery is standard for this and all of our wet location emergency lights. Self-diagnostic testing of the battery backup system comes standard on all LEDWL emergency lighting units.


To purchase a model with one or more of the options below (that are not offered above) please contact us via email or call us at 800-480-0707 for price and availability.

Cold Location - This option is ideal for installations that feature freezing temperatures. An internal battery heater is installed inside the unit and insures the battery will provide 90 minutes of emergency support in environments where temperatures drop as low as -15 Fahrenheit.


All oudoor rated wet location emergency lights are extremely durable. The die cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate shield are sturdy and can handle moderate levels of abuse.


The LEDWL emergency light is appealing for a variety of reasons, and its attractive and stylish housing is paired with equally durable construction. Its compact housing packs the power of a Ni Cad battery and self-diagnostic testing.


Overall, the LEDWL LED emergency light features a high value rating. The combination of style, durability, and technology make it a solid choice for all types of emergency lighting applications, both indoor and oudoor.


LED emergency lights back mount to most normally inflammable surfaces. Connects via 120 or 277v AC electricity.