Remote Head - Double - 6 Volt - PAR 36 Plastic

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Remote Heads

Plastic remote heads are designed for indoor use. They provide an extra emergency light, or two if you choose a double lamp model, which connects to a remote capable exit sign or emergency light. By using remote heads, you can cut down on the number of emergency light fixtures that are required for your project.

The remote head"s housing features and innovative rotary locking collar design that securely locks the reflector and lamp assembly into position. The thermoplastic used in our remote lamp heads is durable, sturdy, and finished in white. Black is also available, call for pricing information. Mounting holes insure a secure and sturdy installation.


  • Provides powerful emergency illumination
  • Designed for indoor use into all types of commercial applications
  • Rotary locking collar insures that the lamp will stay put when illumination area is adjusted
  • Four mounting holes are provided for secure installation
  • Available in a variety of voltages and wattage


The PAR 36 style remote lamp head is suitable for indoor use. It is popular for stairwells, warehouses, and other large scale commercial applications. Make sure to pair this remote head with a remote capable emergency light or exit sign.


The thermoplastic housing is impact and corrosion resistant. It is designed for use indoors and features a damp location rating. The remote lamp head"s housing is available in white or black.

Lamp Specifications

Powerful illumination is provided from this remote head. A variety of voltages and wattage are available and the photometric data for all of the models offered is feature in the PDF cut sheet which you can download by clicking the ÒDownload Cut SheetÓ button at the top of the page.


The thermoplastic housing of this remote head is designed for indoor use. It can be placed into damp environments but is not suitable for oudoor or wet locations.


Through installing this plastic remote head, you can reduce the cost and maintenance of your lighting system. Very high appeal for those that are cost conscious.


An extremely high value rating accompanies the plastic remote head models that we offer. Buying this remote head along with an affordable remote capable emergency light or remote capable exit sign increases the overall value of this unit.


This remote head is extremely simple to install. It securely fastens using the four provided mounting holes. Install remote heads onto normally inflammable surfaces.