Affordable Options

Affordable Options

Yesterday we discussed the longterm benefits of tritium exit signs. Today we'll go over a few affordable options that will provide reliable illumination and are guaranteed to meet code compliance. These fixtures carry a UL 924 listing, which means they can be used anywhere in the United States.

For basic indoor applications, you can't go wrong with a Red LED Exit Sign. This fixture is perfect for offices, schools, and hospitals. At less than $20 each, this exit sign will start saving you money immediately. It features a durable thermoplastic housing and is easily mountable with the included hardware.

White Emergency Light

The emergency light counterpart to the Red LED Exit Sign is the thermoplastic Emergency Light. Not only is this fixture similarly priced, it is also UL 924 listed and fully compliant throughout the US. It comes standard with a push button testing system and can be outfitted with a self-testing feature that will take the monotony out of maintenance.

Wire Guards

The next product is slightly different than the last two. A Wire Guard slips over an appropriately sized emergency fixture to protect against damage and vandalism. For as little as $40 you can protect emergency lights installed in schools against flying baseballs or exit signs located in parking garages that are prone to vandalism. This preventative measure will start saving you money from the moment it is installed.

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