Emergency Light In A New Light

Emergency Light In A New Light

Most people view emergency lights and exit signs as a boring but necessary part of building construction and design. There's no denying how important they are for safety, but these fixtures get a bad rap as being eyesores that are all function and no form. This may be true in some cases, but there are certain fixtures that buck this trend, making safety synonymous with style. Without further adieu,EMERGENCY LIGHT IN A NEW LIGHT here are my picks for the coolest emergency lights and exit signs.

Glow in the dark things are cool. From stickers to toys, there is an almost magical quality of an object that glows without a power source.

Exit sign

This photoluminescent exit sign absorbs light throughout the day to make EXIT glow green when the lights are off.

What's great about the Photoluminescent Exit Sign is that it is hardly noticeable during the day and glowing green at night or when the power is cut. Its low profile design allows it to slip into almost any building's interior without disrupting the feng shui. And as an added bonus, it lasts 25 years with absolutely no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning.

Another one of my favorites is the Recessed MR16 Emergency Light. While most recessed emergency lights conceal the housing the in the ceiling to reveal only the lamp heads, the Recessed MR16 Emergency Light hides everything using its stealth housing and magnetic latch. When AC power is cut, the magnetic latch releases to expose the lamp heads for 90 minutes of illumination.

When the power is out the Recessed MR16 Emergency Light pops open to reveal its internal lamp heads.

When power is restored, the doors automatically close back up. It is even possible to match the panel's finish with that of the building's walls.

Recessed MR16 Emergency Light

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