Fixated On Fixtures

Fixated On Fixtures

Since joining the Emergency Lights Co. team, I've become obsessed with spotting exit signs and emergency lights wherever I go. It's like spotting a rare bird in the wild, except I don't keep track of them in a journal. At least not yet.

The first subject looks to be a Self Luminous Exit sign with a green face. As you can see, it is mounted on a glass wall above two glass doors. Some exit signs have the tendency to detract from the aesthetic, but this fixture's sleek design enhances it in some ways.

Self Luminous Exit sign with a green face

This type of exit sign uses tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. During the day, the glow is barely visible, but at night or when the lights are cut during a power outage, a brilliant green glow is ready and waiting. The best part about these signs is that they last for up to 20 years!

This next one is also a great choice for the environment - a Low Profile Black Thermoplastic Halogen Emergency Light. The building's owner did a great job of choosing an emergency light that fits well with the cream colored walls.

Low Profile Black Thermoplastic Halogen Emergency Light

Not only does this emergency light look great with its sexy housing, it also uses halogen MR16 lamp heads for powerful emergency illumination. For a combination of reliability and attractive design, this fixture is at the top of its game.

Sometimes basic is best. This Red LED Exit Sign is one of our most popular models because it combines affordability with efficiency. It provides all the necessary features that are needed to bring your building up to code.

Red LED Exit Sign

Another great feature about this exit sign is its use of arrows on the side. Just punch them out (or leave them intact if it's going to be mounted above a doorway) according to the direction of the nearest exit. Many other exit signs require decals or stickers, but our fixtures focus on simplicity and usability.

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