Keeping Up With Electrical Maintenance

When you want to avoid costly electrical repairs, you do maintenance work every year or so. Do preventative work to ensure that your lights operate as bright and long as possible. Also, make sure that everyone stays safe and not zapped if anyone wants to touch the electrical system. There are certain steps that make up a quality electrical preventative maintenance program (EPM). Know about these steps and how to keep up with your electrical maintenance.

Check the Connections 

Check all of the connectors that make up a good electrical system. Inspect the plugs, connectors and other parts that are used regularly. Maintain these parts based on the frequency of the usage. The more power you use, the more likely you have to review the connections. If the parts expand and contract frequently, the parts get loosened more easily, so pay attention to the changes in appearance.

Test the Motor and Transformer Leads

Check the look and function of the electrical motor and transformer leads. You should test the quality using Meg-ohm meters. Once a year, monitor the trends to check for possible degradation. When you detect the damage early, make a repair before a breakdown occurs.

Survey the Area Using Infrared Thermography

Every few years, survey the area using infrared thermography equipment. These infrared cameras allow you to catch problems that could turn into catastrophes. Detect radiation using these high-tech tools and create images known as thermograms. With an increase in temperature, the results become more obvious. Like electricians, medical doctors and firefighters are a few other professionals who use thermography to detect problems. 

Check the Circuit Breakers 

Review the recommendations of your product manufacturer to know when and how to maintain the circuit breakers. You will find this kind of breaker in every electrical system you use. These devices are used to prevent the current from overflowing in your system. Know more about circuit breakers before you undergo a maintenance plan. Then, understand your limits when it comes to power usage.

You may be one of those people that ignore light fixtures until a burnout or explosion occurs. That is because you cannot see all of the wiring behind the walls. The ultimate safety and efficiency of your lights depend on good maintenance. Put a good electrical maintenance program into place as a major safety precaution. Follow this plan to ensure that your electrical lighting and other systems run as efficiently as possible. 

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