For reasons I cannot understand, people like to destroy things. Whether it is in a school or prison, exit signs and emergency lights tend to be the target of vandalism. We won't stand for it and neither should you - we are proud to offer Vandal Proof Exit Signs. These exit signs are constructed with heavy duty materials and stainless steel screws to ensure internal components are protected from damage both intended for the fixture and incidental. Exit signs installed in outdoor locations at schools need to be able to withstand flying objects like baseballs and basketballs. Accidents happen - thats why it's important to upgrade to a Vandal Proof Exit Sign.

These exit signs have the same basic features as traditional models, but they are tough. Really tough. Tough enough to survive a nuclear blast. Well, not quite that tough, but you get the idea. Vandal Proof Exit Signs use 14-gauge steel housing, polycarbonate face shields, and stainless steel screws to prevent would-be vandals. These fixtures are also rated for damp locations and can be outfitted with an optional self-testing feature or custom faceplate.

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