Lamp Sealed Beam Incandescent - 12 volt 30 watt

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Get the LP-218 Par 36 lamp today and save! The 12 volt 30 watt Sealed Beam Incandescent Emergency Light Bulb is a parabolic aluminized reflector bulb that works in any 12V emergency light or exit combo. They fature brass slip-in terminals that make re-lamping a breeze and will not corrode like standard bulbs.

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12V 30W wedge base incandescent lamp. Sealed beam light pattern produces an extremely long and somewhat narrow beam angle.


For use in basic emergency lights and exit signs that have emergency lights attached to them (combo models).

Electrical Specifications

12 volt operation, 30 watt consumption


U.L. Listed and meets or exceeds the following: U.L. 924, N.E.C. requirements and N.F.P.A. 101.