Lamp Sealed Beam Halogen - 12 volt 12 watt

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While working to put together that current fixture schedule, suddenly you realize that your commercial building project is in need of a lustrous oudoor lighting system. Our 12 Volt 12 Watt Sealed Beam Halogen Emergency Light Bulb would be splendid solution for your business.

Produced for commercial, industrial and recreational use, this halogen emergency light bulb’s high powered glare is a great night time directional source for wide areas such as, parking lots, alleyways and playing fields.

Detailed with a PAR 36 shaped and clear colored bulb, the lamp is securely nestled within airtight glass and built-in optics, which protects from inclement elements such as, rain or snow. Installation is made simple, as it’s equipped with a slip on terminal (or screw base) to ensure stability.

Our lamp is also ideal for remote head replacement for your emergency lighting systems.

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  • Slip on terminal or screw base (G53)
  • Clear bulb color
  • Sealed for weather protection
  • Spot beam spread
  • Rated for oudoor use


Our sealed beam emergency light bulb can be mounted on emergency light fixtures, lighting poles, walls, or ceilings (track lighting). The screw base allows for easy installation and removal with a flat head screwdriver.

External Specifications

The sealed beam halogen bulb consists of high tempered glass, diffusing refractor with (for beam control) and a slip-on base. The fixture’s dimensions measure at 2.75 in Length and 4.5 in diameter.

Internal Specifications

This lamp consists of a sealed beam PAR 36 lamp type with built in optics, in particular a C-6 filament.

Electrical Specifications

Here’s a list of specs for this bulb:

  • 12-volt operation
  • 12-watt consumption
  • 5000 Hours of life


This is the list of compliance for this bulb:

  • U.L. Listed
  • U.L. 924,
  • N.E.C. requirements
  • N.F.P.A. 101

Our 12V 12W sealed beam halogen emergency light bulb is an excellent choice for your project. If you’re looking for a light that provides brilliant radiance and security at night, this is the one.

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