Lamp Sealed Beam Halogen - 6 volt 20 watt

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The perfect parabolic aluminized reflector lamp for oudoor remote heads and indoor hazardous locations, our LP-209 6V 20W Sealed Beam Halogen Emergency Light Bulb is easy to connect and generates a powerful glare! At an average mounting height of 7.5-8ft off the floor, these powerful halogen bulbs will lay about 22 foot-candles (fc) on the floor of your escape path, ensuring your customers and staff can easily get to a safe exit.

These medium-range reflector lamps contain a halogen lamp with a C6 filament inside, pared with an aluminized reflector and refractive lens in one self-contained glass piece. The brass GX5.3 screw (aka 'slip-in') terminals make it easy to synch down the plus and negative wires of your lamp head or remote unit. Because emergency light bulbs are typically in standby (kept off) during non-emergencies, their 500 hour lifespan can often be stretched between 1 and 3 years before re-lamping is required.

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  • Lamp Type: Halogen
  • Sub-Type: Sealed Beam
  • Shape: PAR 36
  • Base: GX5.3
  • Filament: C6
  • Average Lumen: 380
  • Candelas: 1400
  • foot-candles (at 8ft): 21.88
  • Color Temp: 3000K
  • CRI: 99
  • Beam Spread: 10¬∞ Spot
  • Compatible with 6-volt SLA, NiCd and NiMh emergency batteries
  • Average Lifespan: 500 hours


An ideal bulb for indoor wash down areas like full-service car washes that receive constant moisture, heat and blasts of water on a daily basis. The self-contained nature of this 20-watt halogen emergency lamp makes it not only completely waterproof, but also protects nearby employees if the bulb explodes under extreme heat or vibration. Since these self-contained bulbs are made for extrememly wet locations, ensure that your Par 36 head is the same shape and not a composite bulb made of several pieces including the glass, reflector and bulb.

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacity: 6 Volts AC
  • Watts Consumed: 20W


  • Diameter: 4.5"
  • Length: 2.75"