Lamp Sealed Beam Incandescent - 6 volt 25 watt

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Say you've got some emergency lights in an apartment stairwell with dual "bug-eye" lamp heads that just aren't giving you the power you need. Jeb at the fire department says, "You're going to need more lights, Bucko!" The cost seems too high, and in this life you sometimes need the bottom dollar deal. But don't fret because you can easily adjust the wattage of your under-performing units and equip the bug eyes with 6V 25W Sealed Beam Incandescent Emergency Light Bulbs in a Par 36 shape!

"Haha!" you'll say to Jeb as you connect the plus and negative wires to the corrosion-resistant screw in tabs. You'll test those emergency lights right in his face. He'll cry at the whopping 15-20 foot distance these simple lamps deliver. The best part is Fire Marshall Jeb won't suffer retinal damage from the dazzling light, since the LP-210 incandescent sealed beam reflector lamps have a softer glare than halogen.

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  • Lamp Type: Incandescent
  • Sub-Type: Sealed Beam
  • Shape: Par 36
  • Base: G53 screw terminal
  • Filament: C6
  • Average Lumen: 400
  • Candelas: 800
  • foot-candles (at 8ft): 12.5
  • Color Temp: 2800K
  • CRI: 85
  • Beam Spread: Very Narrow Spot
  • Compatible with 6V SLA, NiCd and NiMh emergency batteries
  • Average Lifespan: 100 hours


Typically you'll want to replace your 6V Par 36 emergency lamp heads or remote units if they are in an oudoor area that gets a lot of rain or humidity. The LP-210's glass enclosure encompasses the incandescent bulb, reflector and lens all in one. The brass screw-in contact terminals make wiring easy.

LP-210 is a popular replacement for the following products:

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacity: 6 Volts AC
  • Watts Consumed: 25W


  • Diameter: 4.5"
  • Length: 2.75"