Exit Sign LED Light Combo Red | Fully Adj. Square Heads | Auto Test - Red Letters

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Fully LED Exit Sign Combo Cut-Sheet

The Self Testing Red LED Exit Sign Combo with LED Lights combines an efficient LED exit sign with reliable emergency lamps. The Self Testing Red LED Exit Sign Combo with LED Lights being compliant affordable and simple. Only one electrical connection is required when installing an emergency exit combo. Installing an exit sign and separate emergency light requires two electrical connections and maintenance duties for two battery backup systems; eliminate this hassle by purchasing a combo exit sign with lights.

Quality is not sacrificed for a lower bottom line, all Self Testing Red LED Exit Sign Combo with LED Lights are UL 924 Listed for the United States; they are fire and building code compliant across the country. The EXIT portion of the combo is always ililluminated whereas the emergency lamps only ililluminate when power is lost. The battery backup system is what provides power for the unit when AC power is lost. This model features a 90- minute battery backup system for emergency operation of the exit sign and the emergency lights. A push button allows for easy testing of the battery backup unit.

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  • Both lights have 12 white LED bulbs
  • Remote Head Option Available
  • Applicable for Damp Locations
  • Universal J-box mounting capability
  • Self-Contained, Self Test
  • Sealed NiCad battery
  • Dual Voltage


This Self-contained unit is designed for all types of indoor exit sign applications from schools to offices to retail stores and more. A popular choice for all types of commercial exit sign and emergency light applications, it features luminaries that provide uniform radiance while consuming no more than 5 watts of energy. If you're looking to mount to a surface area, whether ceiling or wall, this unit is easy to be installed universally. Option of single or double face is also available.

External Specifications

Entire unit is constructed from ABS thermoplastic, suitable for indoor use. Comes standard finished in white, optional black thermoplastic model available as well.

Internal Specifications

  • Red LED Bulbs use no more than 5 watts of electricity
  • Sealed Nickel Cadmium Battery (6 Volt capacity)

Electrical Specifications

  • Dual Voltage Operation (Additional available upon request)
  • Low Voltage Battery Capacity

Code Compliance

  • UL924 Listed
  • CS860
  • NFPA 101
  • Life Safety 101
  • UL Listed for Damp Locations

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