Exit Sign/Light Combo

Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combos merge egress signage with emergency lighting for easy installation. Each fixture must include a battery backup to ensure 90 minutes of illumination during power outages. The Emergency Light Company introduces energy-efficient ALL LED Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combo Fixtures, operating on low voltage. They replace heavy sealed lead acid batteries with lighter, longer-lasting NiCad batteries, while long-life LED lamps minimize maintenance requirements.

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Exit Lights - Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combos

Our Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combos seamlessly blend exit signage and emergency egress lighting into a single, straightforward installation. Equipped with mandatory battery backup, these fixtures ensure internal illumination and egress lighting operation for at least 90 minutes during power failures.

At Emergency Lights Company, we prioritize cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology. Our extensive range now features ALL LED Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combo Fixtures, operating on low voltage and utilizing NiCad batteries for extended lifespan and hassle-free maintenance. With long-life LED lamps, these combos provide a reliable, maintenance-free solution for your safety needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exit Light Combos

  • In what ways are exit lights different from standard exit signs?  There are no emergency light lamps on a standard exit sign. The combo exit signs serve as a two-in-one solution. The exit light serves as both an emergency light and an exit sign.
  • Are the lights along with the word EXIT always on on an exit sign combo?  The emergency lights will only turn on in the event of a power outage. Upon restoring power, the lights will turn off, but the word EXIT will remain illuminated.
  • What sets apart a standard exit sign from an exit light?  An exit sign lacks emergency light lamps. In contrast, combo exit signs operate as a 2-in-1 unit, serving as both an Exit Sign and an Emergency Light.
  • Are the emergency lights dimmable on a combo exit sign?  No, the lights on combo exit signs are not dimmable. They are set at maximum brightness to ensure optimal illumination.
  • Do the lights on an exit sign combo stay on continuously with the word EXIT?  No, the emergency lights activate only during a power outage. Once power is restored, the lights turn off, while the word EXIT remains illuminated.