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Emergency Exit Signs + Lighting Heads = One Power Source

Exit sign combo unit. The Emergency Lights are LED.

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A combined unit is an exit sign with emergency lights attached. Our emergency exit sign combo models are the perfect solution for applications that require both an exit sign and an emergency light. Emergency combos feature an LED exit sign flanked with top or side-mounted emergency lamps. The exit sign portion of the unit is illuminated at all times while the emergency lamps come on only in emergency situations when AC power to the building or facility is lost. The advantage to emergency exit sign combo models is that there is only one unit to maintain, one electrical connection to hook up, and one battery backup system to monitor; decreasing the overall maintenance required for the fixture by 50 percent.

Exit Sign Emergency Light Combos with 90 Minute Backup Power

All emergency exit combs come with a battery backup system that power the unit during an emergency and a push-button is standard, which allows for easy testing of the unit's battery backup system. All of our emergency exit sign combo models are UL Listed and compliant for use throughout the United States and Canada. Combo units connect using 120 or 277v electricity and come complete; ready to install with a mounting bracket, instructions, and second EXIT faceplate for double-sided applications.

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