Black Housing Exit Signs

Exit sign/emergency light units featuring black housing are perfect for various installations, such as darkrooms, theaters, and other low-light areas necessitating emergency fixtures. These units blend seamlessly into their surroundings, remaining inconspicuous until needed.

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Exit Signs with Black Housing

Black housing may be especially preferable in settings with dark walls, ceilings, or auxiliary architectural surfaces. For locations in which subtlety is preferred - such as movie theaters, event centers, galleries, museums, apartment complexes, corporate offices, nightclubs, and restaurants - black exit signs may serve as an unobtrusive complement to the appearance of your space.

At Emergency Lights Co., we offer several variations of black emergency exit signs, including this maintenance-free, self-luminous exit sign with a 15-year life. Our exit signs come equipped with either thermoplastic or solid steel housing, and can accommodate interior or exterior locations, environmental considerations, and exposure to extreme weather conditions. For your peace of mind, all our units are protected by warranty and are accompanied by a lowest price guarantee.