Exit Signs

During a fire emergency, exit signs play a crucial role in saving lives. The Emergency Light Company offers a range of exit signs designed to adhere to building fire codes and insurance standards. Our energy-efficient, long-life LEDs are hard-wired and consume less than 5 watts of power, reducing energy consumption and lowering your monthly electric bill. Additionally, our wire-free, powerless photoluminescent and tritium exit light signage require no wiring, making installation a breeze. For outdoor placements, our heavy-duty and wet location units are ideal applications.

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LED Exit Signs

One of the most common and most heavily regulated forms of emergency lighting, it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of reliable emergency exit signs. Whether you’re looking for a classic model at the most affordable price, a contemporary alternative to more traditional fixtures, or a heavy-hitting industrial grade option, we have everything to suit exterior and interior space.

A Cost-Effective Solution

When striving to meet compliance regulations, cost can be a significant factor. We offer a lowest-price guarantee on all our safety signs, allowing you to comply with local and national regulations for building safety at minimal cost.

An Unrivaled Selection

While federal guidelines mandate certain features pertaining to commercial signs, it’s a mistake to think you don’t have any choices. We offer a range of styles designed with both compliance and versatility in mind.

Exit Lights - Combo Signs w/ Lamps

If you want to cut installation and maintenance costs in half, browse our selection of exit light combo units. One AC circuit. One battery. One unit.

Reliability, Durability, & Quality

Of course, the most critical factor in choosing the right exit sign is safety. We guarantee the integrity of all our products, and offer fast, reliable service and product support. We’re committed to helping you determine the right type of requirement to match your specific needs.

Our Tritium power-free exit signs are exceptionally dependable, requiring no external power source, electrical connection, or batteries. These self-luminous exit signs are always prepared to provide an efficient, maintenance-free emergency egress or fire exit system.

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of photoluminescent exit signs that are non-electrical, eliminating operating costs. They offer outstanding reliability and efficiency as they operate without electricity or batteries, making them maintenance-free and simple to install. Our photoluminescent exit signs also comply with NYC Local Law 26 building and fire safety codes.

FAQs about Exit Signs:

What are the Exit Sign Mounting Height Requirements?

Per NFPA, egress markings must be positioned no more than 6 ft 8 in. above the top edge of the egress opening intended for designation.

Are there "Battery-Powered" Exit Signs?

Exit signs labeled as "Battery Backup" contain an internal battery that activates during power outages, but they must be hard-wired to your building's electricity for the battery to function.

What color Exit Sign do I need?

Exit signs in the US can have red or green lettering, though red is often recommended for safety. Certain states and cities have specific requirements, such as New York and Chicago mandating red letters.

Do exit signs have to be lit?

NFPA regulations mandate that exit signs must be suitably illuminated, providing at least an average of 1 foot-candle of light and remaining lit for a minimum of 90 minutes during power outages.

What are the requirements for an Emergency Exit?

Specific requirements for emergency exits can be found in the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

How do I know your products will work in case of an emergency?

All our Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting undergo testing by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), certifying their compliance with necessary standards. Learn more about these certifications in our "NRTL Certifications Resource Guide."