Edge Lit Exit Signs

Edge-Lit LED exit signs offer superior aesthetics and flexible installation, perfect for architectural settings. Their polished acrylic panels ensure uniform light distribution, available in single or double-sided options with a mirror divider for the latter. Housings come in surface or recessed mounting, with fixed or rotating panels, featuring decorative thermoplastic or aluminum housing. Directional chevrons are included and easily applicable. Each sign supports dual-voltage input (120V or 277V AC) and optional emergency backup with a test switch, status indicator, and 90-minute battery backup.

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Edge Lit LED Exit Sign Product Information

Introducing our state-of-the-art Edge-Lit LED exit signs, meticulously crafted to enhance architectural spaces with unmatched aesthetics and exceptional flexibility in on-site installation. These exit signs feature meticulously designed injection-molded acrylic panels, polished to perfection for seamless and uniform light distribution. Whether opting for a single or double-sided configuration, our exit signs exude sophistication, complementing even the most discerning architectural applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Double-Sided Visibility with Mirror Divider: Elevating the standard, our double-sided Edge-Lit LED exit signs incorporate a mirror divider for enhanced visibility and a clear, concise message from multiple viewpoints.

  2. Versatile Housing Options: Customize your exit signs with housing options tailored to your needs – choose between surface or recessed mounting, fixed or rotating panel, and opt for a decorative thermoplastic or aluminum housing to seamlessly integrate with your design vision.

  3. Directional Chevrons for Navigation: Standard directional chevrons facilitate effortless field application, enhancing both the functionality and overall design coherence of your space.

  4. Dual-Voltage Input for Flexibility: Equipped with dual-voltage input, our exit signs accommodate both 120V and 277V AC operation, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems and making them a versatile choice for diverse applications.

  5. Emergency Backup Functionality: Prioritizing safety, select models offer emergency backup functionality with a test switch, status indicator, and a reliable 90-minute backup battery, ensuring continued illumination during unforeseen circumstances.

  6. Seamless Integration of Aesthetics and Safety: Our Edge-Lit LED exit signs seamlessly integrate aesthetics, functionality, and safety, making them a top choice for architects, designers, and facility managers.

  7. Engineered for Easy Installation: Designed for in-field convenience, installation is simplified with flexible mounting options and user-friendly features, providing a hassle-free experience for installers and swift integration into your architectural layout.

  8. Quality Craftsmanship: Quality craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from visually appealing and durable injection-molded acrylic panels to the choice between thermoplastic and aluminum housing, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance.

  9. Rotating Panels for Increased Visibility: Adding a dynamic element, rotating panels enhance visibility and adaptability, ensuring the exit sign remains conspicuous from various angles.

  10. Mirror Divider for Optimal Visibility: The mirror divider in double-sided exit signs optimizes visibility from different directions, contributing to the sign's effectiveness in guiding occupants to safety.

  11. Emergency Backup Options for Reliability: Emergency backup options enhance reliability, with an integrated test switch and status indicator for easy functionality checks, and a backup battery delivering 90 minutes of consistent emergency power.

In conclusion, our Edge-Lit LED exit signs redefine architectural safety solutions with superior aesthetics, in-field installation flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to safety. Choose these exit signs for a solution that exceeds expectations, seamlessly blending form and function to elevate your architectural space.