Self Testing Combo Exit Signs

Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combos offer the convenience of both egress signage ("exit signs") and emergency egress lighting in a single, easy-to-install unit. All combination fixtures come equipped with a battery backup, ensuring that the exit sign remains internally illuminated and the egress lighting remains operational for at least 90 minutes during a power outage.

Self-testing / self-diagnostic features can automate the laborious and time-consuming testing required by national and state regulations for emergency lighting and exit signs. Opt for one of our self-testing emergency light / exit sign combos to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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Emergency Light / Exit Sign Combos with Self Testing

Wherever efficiency is paramount, our illuminated signs and lights offer the ideal solution. Today, manufacturers integrate exit signs and lamp heads to create the safest devices available.

Our self-testing exit sign combos are engineered to conduct self-tests at scheduled intervals. Following the standards outlined in the NFPA Life Safety Code®, monthly battery tests for five minutes and annual tests for half an hour are mandatory. With our sign combos, there's no need to repeatedly consult a manual for instructions.

Escape the burden of intricate maintenance tasks on your signs. Opt for the most efficient and visually appealing self-testing exit sign combos from our extensive range of emergency products.