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Recessed Emergency Lights

Look no further than Emergency Lights Co. to supply your business with the finest in American-made recessed emergency lights and recessed emergency light fixtures. You can count on us to provide products at the lowest prices, highest turnaround times, and with better service than our competitors in the industry.

When you buy a recessed light, you’re making a commitment to safety, and to style. With most of the light’s apparatus hidden behind a wall, ceiling, or other fixture, you don’t need to sacrifice style for safety. Make a pledge for security and beauty with one of our many quality products.

Fantastic Selection

Need to hang your lights from drywall? Do your power needs require a range of watts and volts? Want an array of color combinations? Do you need indoor and outdoor lights? Is beauty as well as function important? Whatever your needs, Emergency Lights Co. has you covered with an array of quality options. Here is a sample of the many things we have to offer:

  • Wall Recessed Hidden LED Emergency Lightrecessed emergency light
  • MR16 Downlight Emergency Light
  • Recessed Backbox Emergency Light
  • Recessed Can Emergency Light
  • T Bar Recessed Emergency Light

While our competitors only offer a few different options, when you shop with Emergency Lights Co., you’re not forced to compromise. We have every light for your every need.

Sales in Style

If you need something bright and aesthetically appealing, take a look at our recessed backbox light. This light is perfect for a sales setting, where you need to illuminate products without detracting from their appearance or the overall layout of the store. It also works well in a warehouse, where its powerful bulbs are perfect for lighting up dark aisles.

Light Up the Office

If you’re looking for a svelte, subdued appearance for your recessed emergency light, take a look at our can lights. While other products look conspicuous, the can light hides much of its apparatus in the ceiling, making it a perfect accompaniment to high-traffic areas like the office or lobby. You won’t find a light this handsome with our competitors!

Why Emergency Lights Co.?

recessed emergency lightsThe law requires you to install emergency lights, but it doesn’t require you to buy from us. So why buy with Emergency Lights Co.? We work hard to ensure that our products are better, cheaper, and delivered faster than our competition. We marry our high standard of quality with industry-competitive prices. Each item ships for a low flat fee of $6, no matter its size or weight, and you can rest assured it will arrive on time and in perfect working order. Our skilled customer service team is available all day, every day by phone at (800) 580-0707, at our online Help Center, and by email at When you purchase our recessed emergency lights and emergency light fixtures, you’re getting the best products, and the best service. Period.

Why wait? Shop with Emergency Lights Co. today.

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