Recessed Emergency Lights

When you install recessed emergency lights, you achieve a seamlessly integrated architectural appearance as most of the emergency light housing is concealed within your wall or ceiling. If you're aiming for subtle egress pathway lighting, our selection offers just that. Recessed emergency lights are particularly well-suited for retail stores, upscale hotels, stairwells, corridors, and dining areas. Among our popular models is one featuring two high-output LED MR16 lamps that emerge from a "trap-door" in the wall to provide emergency lighting. Once AC power is restored, the lights retract, and the door closes, seamlessly blending into your wall as if it were never there!

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Recessed LED Emergency Lights

Turn to Emergency Lights Co. for premium American-made recessed emergency lights and fixtures. We guarantee the best prices, quickest turnaround times, and superior service compared to our industry competitors.

When you invest in a recessed light, you're prioritizing both safety and style. With the majority of the light's components discreetly concealed behind walls, ceilings, or fixtures, you don't have to compromise aesthetics for safety. Choose security and elegance by exploring our diverse range of high-quality products.

Fantastic Selection

Require lighting fixtures that can be securely mounted on drywall? Seeking options with varying wattage and voltage capabilities? Interested in a variety of color combinations? Whether you need lights for indoor or outdoor use, and prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, Emergency Lights Co. has the perfect solution for you. Explore just a glimpse of our extensive selection below:

  • Wall Recessed Hidden LED Emergency Light
  • MR16 Downlight Emergency Light
  • Recessed Backbox Emergency Light
  • Recessed Can Emergency Light
  • T Bar Recessed Emergency Light

While our competitors may offer only a limited range of options, when you choose Emergency Lights Co., compromise is not necessary. We provide every type of light to meet your every need.

Sales in Style

If you're seeking both brightness and aesthetic appeal, consider our recessed backbox light. Ideal for retail environments, it illuminates products without overshadowing their appearance or disrupting the store layout. Additionally, it serves well in warehouses, effectively lighting up dark aisles with its powerful bulbs.

Light Up the Office

If you desire a sleek and understated design for your recessed emergency light, consider our can lights. Unlike other products that may appear conspicuous, the can light discreetly conceals much of its components within the ceiling. This feature makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as offices or lobbies. You'll be hard-pressed to find a light as stylish as this among our competitors!