Combo Green Steel Exit Light Top Mounted Heads

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Steel LED Exit Sign Combo Cut-Sheet

The Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights features a heavy-duty 20 gauge welded steel enclosure with a white or black finish. Available in 6" letters with 3/4" stroke, high intensity LEDs provide a constant uniform, green, illumination. Attractive and easy to install, this series of exit combo offers only high quality LED illumination and internal electronics encased in a durable steel housing. Making the GVEX Series ideal for any commercial, institutional, or industrial application. The emergency light lamp heads are available in 5.4W, 7.2W or 9W configurations.

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  • 20 gauge steel housing with white powder coated finish
  • Green high intensity LEDs
  • Constant uniform, 3/4" high fully ililluminated letters
  • Lamp heads available in 7.2W or 9W configurations
  • Universal enclosure design
  • Mounting canopy included
  • Chevron style universal arrows
  • 120/277V dual primary 60Hz input
  • Short circuit and voltage surge protection
  • Solid-state, constant current type charger
  • Flasher/buzzer options meet ADA regulations
  • AC indicator and push-to-test switch
  • Brown-out protection
  • E.T.L. listed 90 minute emergency run time, 12 hour recharge time


Emergency lights and exit signs are required for all types of facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Instead of installing and maintaining two separate units, choose an exit sign combo model and save. The Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights is suitable for indoor use in all types of commercial applications.

External Specifications

The GVEX-U-S-6-12-WH features an enclosure constructed from a rugged 20 gauge steel. The ililluminated exit signs are in 6" letters with a 3/4" stroke, for clear visibility.

Internal Specifications

Green high intensity LEDs provide a bright and clear illumination display for the exit sign. The emergency light is normally supplied with two (2) Par36 style heads, available in 7.2W or 9W configurations.

Electrical Specifications

120/277v AC dual-voltage operation is standard. Other voltages available upon request such as 220v and 240v. The Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights provides a short circuit and voltage surge protection for the unit and also features protection from overcharging and brown-outs.

Code Compliance

The Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights is E.T.L. Listed and meets or exceeds the following: U.L. 924, N.E.C. requirements and N.F.P.A. 101.


The components for the Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights are guaranteed for 3 years with a separate 5 year pro-rated warranty on the battery. The warranty does not cover physical damage, abuse or acts of God. Manufacturer reserves the right to charge for such repairs if deemed necessary.


The heavy-duty, 20 gauge steel enclosure is designed to handle abuse for years. Offered with a white or black finish, it is ideal for almost any commercial application.

Overall Value

The Green LED Steel Exit Sign with Emergency Lights features a high value rating as it satisfies two building code requirements with just one fixture.


The back plate is stamped with a universal mounting pattern and keyhole slots for quick and simple installation. Conduit entry point knockouts are also provided for surface installations. The face plate includes field removable directional arrows. A simple and durable channel design securely holds the face and back plates in the housing, providing easy installation and maintenance. VEX-S is supplied standard with 2 face-plates and universal mounting canopy. Canopy is low-profile and provides top or side mounts.