Time Delay Emergency Light

The Time Delay Emergency Light is a tailored egress illumination solution sought after by numerous commercial and industrial engineers and maintenance personnel. Standard with this model is the "time delay" feature, specifically designed for facilities equipped with HID lighting. Upon power restoration, the emergency lighting fixtures continue to function for an extra 15 minutes. This capability ensures sufficient illumination while waiting for the HID lamps to reach their full luminosity.

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Time Delay Emergency Lights

Certain organizations, like OSHA, impose regulations on light operation, often requiring continuous illumination. In buildings with HID lights, it can take 15 minutes for full power to be restored. Our time delay emergency lights address this temporary lighting lapse automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Avoid having individuals navigate through dark spaces temporarily and refrain from manually activating emergency lamps. Ensure workplace normalcy with the use of our time delay emergency lights.