NYC Emergency Light, Steel - 60-125W Capacity - 3 Heads

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3 Lamp New York City Emergency Light

The 3H Series is a heavy-duty indoor New York City Steel emergency light. New York City emergency lights normally feature two lamp heads, but the 3H Series features three, which improves illumination power by 50%. The 20-gauge steel housing for this NYC emergency light is sturdy and comes standard in a white powder coat finish, black and gray are also available.

New York City emergency lights are tested and approved by the NYC Building Department. Compliance is guaranteed. Since our production facility is in northern New Jersey, ground shipping takes just one day. A 90-minute UL Listed battery backup system provides reliable and powerful emergency illumination.


New York City Emergency Light Dimensions
  • Three top-mounted 7.2W emergency lamps
  • 60-125W capacity
  • Compliant for New York City
  • Heavy duty steel housing is rugged and powerful
  • 90-minute emergency operation
  • Reliable battery backup with test button
  • Self-diagnostic testing available


Heavy duty steel New York City emergency lights are suitable for indoor use throughout the five boroughs of NYC. The 3H Series surface mounts to normally inflammable surfaces.

External Specifications

The housing for the NYC-3H New York City emergency light is manufactured from 20-gauge steel. The sturdy housing is designed to stand up to moderate abuse. This NYC emergency light features a white powder coat that is also available in black. Emergency lamp heads are easy to adjust and position for maximum illumination.

Internal Specifications

The steel housing contains the circuit board, transformer, and battery backup system. A variety of wattage are available, the 3H Series can be ordered in a 6 or 12-volt capacity. Up to a 12 volt 125 watt sealed lead acid battery is available in the 3H Series. Larger capacity units can provide power to remotely located emergency lamps.

Electrical Specifications

120/277v AC dual-voltage operation is standard. AC lockout prevents battery pack discharge. Low voltage battery disconnect protects the battery pack form being damaged by long discharge periods.

Code Compliance

The NYC-3H is compliant for use throughout New York City. All New York City emergency lights are evaluated and approved by the New York City Building Department. Compliance is guaranteed, buy with confidence.


8-10 year expected lifespan for the fixture. 3-5 year expected lifespan for the Sealed Lead Acid emergency light battery backup system, 5-7 lifespan for Nickel-Cadmium battery backup system.


To purchase a model with one or more of the options below (that are not offered above) please contact us via email or call us at 800-480-0707 for price and availability.

Self-Diagnostic Testing - This New York City emergency light can come with self-diagnostic testing that eliminates monthly and yearly testing of the battery backup system and alerts the user to any problems regarding operational functionality of the unit.

Nickel Cadmium Battery - This New York City emergency light can come with a nickel cadmium battery. A step above the standard sealed lead calcium batter, Ni-Cad batteries have a 5-7 year lifespan, are easier to replace, and decrease shipping weight.

Housing Color - This New York City emergency light can come with a black or gray powder coat instead of standard white.

Metal Lamp Heads - This New York City emergency light can come with metal lamp heads instead of the standard thermoplastic.

Time-Delay - This option is ideal for installations that are utilizing fluorescent and HID lamps for general lighting purposes. The time delay feature keeps the emergency lights ililluminated for a preset period (usually 15 minutes) after power is restored since fluorescent and HID lighting can take 10-15 minutes to reach full brightness, even after a short power failure. Please specify 120 or 277v AC connection.


New York City emergency lights come with a variety of technological advances such as self-diagnostic testing and a Nickel-Cadmium emergency light battery option.


The NYC-3H is popular for its large battery capacity and heavy duty steel construction.

Overall Value

Packs the most power out of all the New York City emergency lights that we offer, an overall incredible value.

Additional Information

Please note this is a custom manufactured product. Custom manufactured products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please see return policy or contact us for more information.


New York City emergency lights are suitable for surface (wall and ceiling) installation. This model is suitable for indoor and damp location installations on normally inflammable surfaces. Use two of three provided wires to connect the unit to AC power. Use the black(120v) and white(Common) wires for 120v AC connections and the red(277v) and white(Common) wires for 277v AC connections.