Self Testing Emergency Lights

Automate the cumbersome and time-consuming testing mandated by national and state regulations for emergency lighting and exit signs with our self-testing solutions. Cut down significantly on maintenance expenses by opting for one of our self-testing emergency lights or exit signs.

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Self Testing Emergency Lights

Maintenance tasks can often feel burdensome, but they need not be with our range of self-testing emergency lights. Equipped with a self-diagnostic system, these lights continuously monitor themselves for any indications of malfunction. In the event of a breakdown in signage, bulb, or battery, they promptly sound an alarm, directing attention to the issue. Save your precious time from unnecessary chores. Invest in a self-testing emergency light from the Emergency Lights Co. today!

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Save both time and money with a self-testing light from Emergency Lights Co., the industry's most trusted provider. Whether you require lighting solutions for indoor commercial settings, outdoor areas exposed to the elements, or energy-efficient options, we have you covered. Our extensive inventory caters to diverse needs, offering everything from indoor to outdoor lights, LED to incandescent options. Rest assured, each of our self-testing emergency lights is crafted in America, ensuring durability and reliability. Best of all, we prioritize affordability without compromising quality. Explore our diverse range of products below:

  • Self-Diagnostic Testing Emergency Light
  • Self-Testing LED Emergency Light
  • Self-Testing Wet Location Emergency Light

Self-Diagnostic Emergency Light

Meet your indoor commercial lighting needs effortlessly with our TEL Series self-diagnostic testing emergency light. Designed for busy professionals, this light requires minimal maintenance and comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind. Installation is a breeze, whether you choose to mount it on the wall, ceiling, drywall, or scaffolding, thanks to its universal mounting plate. Despite its sleek appearance, the light boasts a sturdy injection molded thermoplastic housing that's both fire and corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and reliability.

When it Rains, Don’t Let it Pour!

Prevent potential issues in wet environments with our self-testing wet location emergency light. Featuring a built-in diagnostic system, this light alerts you of any malfunctions before they escalate. Encased in a durable NEMA 4X-rated fiberglass body, it offers robust protection against the elements. Equipped with two bulbs ranging from six to 12 volts, it delivers reliable power for industrial settings prone to moisture, vapor, or corrosive agents.