LED Emergency Lights

Discover our collection of LED illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting at The Emergency Light Company. LEDs offer remarkable energy efficiency, delivering more light in a compact package while consuming significantly less energy – up to one-tenth of the energy compared to standard incandescent or halogen lamps. Plus, they boast an impressive lifespan of up to 50 times longer, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.

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All LED Emergency Lights

At Emergency Lights Co., we understand the importance of both functionality and aesthetics. Our exceptional range of LED emergency lights offers a perfect balance of reliability and visual appeal. With their compact size, dependable performance, and stylish design, LEDs provide a long-lasting lighting solution with minimal energy consumption. Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards, our LED emergency lights are durable and dependable. Explore our website and place your order today to experience superior quality lighting solutions.

Emergency Lights Indoor/Outdor

Explore our extensive range of LED lights tailored to meet all your emergency lighting requirements, whether for outdoor or indoor use, in various sizes. Seeking something aesthetically pleasing? Delve into our outdoor lighting options featuring stunning brushed aluminum finishes available in a variety of colors and combinations. Need discreet lighting solutions? Our wall-recessed hidden LED lights offer functionality with a subtle appearance. Looking for reliable performance at an affordable price? Our basic emergency lights offer unbeatable American quality without breaking the bank. With us, you're guaranteed exceptional quality and outstanding service at a competitive price point, a promise our competitors can't match. Check out a glimpse of our diverse collection below:

  • LED MR16 Emergency Light Self-Testing LED
  • Wall-Recessed Hidden LED
  • Outdoor Linear LED

And many more! Browse through our collection and place an order today!

Outdoor Lights for all Occasions

Fed up with the lackluster yellow tint of your incandescent lighting? Switch to our outdoor LED emergency lights, designed to combine elegance with functionality. Featuring a nickel-cadmium battery for extended longevity, this lighting solution ensures durability and sustained performance. Select from a range of die-cast aluminum housings available in white, black, bronze, or silver finishes. Moreover, it boasts a wet location rating, guaranteeing reliable illumination regardless of weather conditions. Illuminate your workspace with flair, come rain or shine!

Discreet Elegance in Indoor Lights

If you're seeking to add a touch of sophistication to your office, restaurant, hotel, or apartment without going overboard, explore our range of indoor lighting solutions. Our wall-recessed LED light is crafted to seamlessly blend into the wall, concealing its internal components within a pre-made cavity. Sporting a powder-coated off-white finish, this light complements a variety of wall and ceiling paints, ensuring that your establishment, rather than your emergency plan, remains the center of attention. Equipped with two MR16 LED lamps and a self-powered battery unit, this light offers both safety and style.