Edge Lit Egress

Edge Lit Egress

We've all seen them - big, bulky exit signs that have been yellowed by the cruel mistress known as time and stick out of the room's decor only to remind you that when this place burns down, you'll have to follow this ugly fixture to safety. This, to some degree, is a misconception about exit signs. These fixtures must be installed in all commercial buildings, but they don't have to look like an archaic device that belongs in a museum. For a more streamlined approach to meeting building safety codes, try an Edge Lit Exit Sign.

An Edge Lit Exit Sign is a visually appealing fixture that is UL 924 listed and will satisfy the same set of codes as a traditionally designed exit sign. The advantage to this type of fixture is twofold: EXIT is displayed on an elegant pannel and the entire housing is designed to be minimally obtrusive. Instead of illuminating its letters on a bulky plastic rectangle, the Edge Lit Exit Sign uses a high-grade acrylic panel to display EXIT in either red or green. This fixture is perfectly suited for high end businesses like bars or restaurants that want to focus the customer's attention on the atmosphere of the establishment rather than an exit sign.

Another option is the Recessed Edge Lit Exit Sign. This fixture is essentially the same as the one described above, but allows the housing to be mounted behind the ceiling so only the panel displaying EXIT is revealed. When properly installed, it looks as though the words are coming directly from the ceiling. This fixture can be customized for double-sided applications with a mirrored insert to create the optical illusion of a clear pannel. This sign uses energy efficient LED lights to provide brilliant illumination while consuming less than 5 watts of electricity at all times. Not only is it easy to look at, the Recessed Edge Lit Exit Sign is easy on your wallet with the savings it will provide through reduced energy consumption.

Either of these exit signs are great choices for bars, nightclubs, boutiques, waiting rooms, or any location with a carefully crafted decor. They are a sexy alternative to the exit signs of yesterday.

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