LED Exit Signs

LED Exit Signs have become the norm for their durability and energy efficiency. These illuminated signs use less than 5 watts of power, offering longevity and cost savings. Compared to other exit signs, their lower energy consumption leads to significant monthly savings and allows for extended backup battery operation. The Emergency Light Co. provides a range of LED Exit Signs, including self-testing, battery backup, and high-end options.

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Light Emitting Diode (LED) Exit Signs

What are LEDs? LED stands for “light emitting diode,” and refers to a scientific process by which electroluminescence is produced. Since the late 1960s, LED lights have been developed and utilized in a diverse array of commercial and residential settings.

What are the benefits of LED technology?

LED lights are widely preferred for their safety, long lifespan, and energy efficiency, making them highly regarded for emergency lighting. LED emergency exit signs have gained popularity due to their impressive energy efficiency, typically consuming less than 5 watts of electricity per unit. With a lifespan of up to ten years and minimal maintenance requirements, LED lights offer lasting reliability for emergency lighting needs.

How expensive are LED lights?

Remarkably, LED exit signs are one of the most affordable options in the industry. A terrific example is provided by this highly rated LED emergency exit sign in standard red with white housing.