Remote Head Combo Exit Signs

Combining versatility and convenience, remote head capable exit sign/emergency light combos offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution. These multifunctional units not only serve as exit signs with emergency lighting but also enable effortless integration of one or more additional remote emergency light heads. Whether for added lighting, spot illumination, or expanding the coverage area, these units provide flexibility and ease of use. Please refer to product descriptions for recommended voltage and wattage of remote heads.

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Remote Head Emergency Exit Sign/Light Combos

Leverage the remote capability feature of your exit sign combos for comprehensive control. Whether you're on-site or remotely located, stay informed about the usage of your signs.

With remote capability, you can manage devices, including exit signs, from afar. Enhance illumination by effortlessly adding one, two, or five lamp heads through the controls.

Moreover, benefit from the single electrical connection offered by these combos. Simply plug in the device and enjoy uninterrupted operation for countless hours.