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industrial lightsHeavy-duty and practical, our industrial emergency lighting units are catered specifically for industries that deal with harsher applications. Severe working environments require egress lighting to withstand potentially interfering elements and vandalism.

Designers seeking an ultra-protective solution can trust our industrial grade lighting to meet their standards; not only are they NEMA-rated, they are also capable of carrying a high-load of up to 30 watt lamp heads.


Emergency lighting fixtures depend on external enclosures to protect their internal system. All of our industrial emergency lighting enclosures are rated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to withstand environmental hazards ranging from water and dust to corrosive chemicals.


Our waterproof secret is glass reinforced fiber. Industrial lighting enclosures built from fiberglass, a high-quality plastic, are suitable for indoor and outdoor as they prevent the tiniest amount of moisture from seeping through. We have a huge selection of industrial emergency lights built with this light-weight and durable fiberglass housing for installation in wet locations.

Corrosion and Explosion-proof

industrial emergency lightMany industrial locations are exposed to more than just moisture. Corrosive materials such as acetylene and gasoline can slowly “eat away” even the toughest enclosure, exposing internal hardware. Against such strong chemicals, we offer industrial emergency lightings housed with industrial 20-gauge steel, the ultimate corrosion-resistant solution.

For moderately harsh environments, we recommend the NEMA 3R models featuring chemical-resistant stainless steel gaskets to fend off the unwanted. But extremely severe applications will definitely require the highest level of protection.

Our selective range of Hazardous Location lights are built especially for flammable and explosive environments. This particular Explosion Proof industrial emergency light features a copper-free cast aluminum enclosure with the capacity to withstand explosive pressure without igniting further explosions. It is important to choose your lighting for specific operations - class 1 division 1 for normal operational hazards and division 2 for abnormal hazards such as accidents or spills.
Looking for a divergence from the typical droid-like design? We also offer compact Hazardous Location Remote Heads with similar features.
If you need assistance for a very specific hazardous environment, we are here to help - contact us anytime.


wet-location-emergency-light.jpgWhen installing egress lights into the great outdoors, unpredictable weather conditions can be very worrisome; humidity, sleet, snow, and more - they all have undesirable effects on any delicate electrical system, especially industrial emergency lighting functionality. Emergency Lights Co. puts heavy emphasis on packing essential features in our industrial grade units to offer complete protection. Many models, such as the Heavy Duty Wet Location Emergency Light, have an optional internal heater that allows the battery system to function in temperatures well below 32 F. Though listed as an add-on feature, this heater should be ordered for all industrial emergency lights to be installed in freezing environments.

All-in-One: Emergency Fluorescent Lights

fluorescent emergency lightWell designed and long lasting, our industrial grade fluorescent egress lightings combine normal AC function with an emergency backup battery system, providing clients with an efficient two-for-one solution….. wait, all our fluorescent lights are corrosion-resistant, vandal-resistant, and weather-resistant - so these industrial emergency lightings are really an all-in-one product for versatile environments.

Affordably priced from below $100, Emergency Lights Co.’s industrial grade emergency lighting will meet design standards, building codes, and client budgets. And you get more than just high-standard lighting - we offer 24 hours of friendly customer service.
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