Industrial Emergency Lights

Industrial emergency lights are robust and high-capacity fixtures designed for warehouses, factories, and expansive areas requiring higher voltage or wattages for efficient illumination. These heavy-duty units often necessitate robust batteries in harsh environments, where they must withstand contact with corrosive elements. Additionally, they carry certifications such as NEMA 4X, Hazardous Classes 1 and 2, and Hazardous Divisions 1 and 2.

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Industrial Emergency Lights

Our industrial emergency lighting units are robust and purpose-built for industries facing demanding applications. In environments prone to harsh conditions and potential vandalism, reliable egress lighting is crucial. Designers in need of ultra-protective solutions can rely on our industrial-grade lighting, which not only meets NEMA standards but also supports high-load capacities of up to 30-watt lamp heads.


Our industrial emergency lighting fixtures rely on external enclosures for internal system protection. Each of our enclosures is rated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), ensuring resilience against environmental hazards such as water, dust, and corrosive chemicals.


Our watertight solution lies in glass-reinforced fiber. Industrial lighting enclosures crafted from fiberglass, a premium plastic material, offer versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, effectively guarding against even the slightest moisture infiltration. Explore our extensive range of industrial emergency lights featuring lightweight and resilient fiberglass housings, ideal for installations in wet environments.

Corrosion and Explosion-proof

In industrial settings, exposure to corrosive substances like acetylene and gasoline poses a significant threat to enclosure integrity. To combat such challenges, our industrial emergency lighting solutions are encased in robust 20-gauge steel, ensuring unparalleled corrosion resistance and durability.

For environments with moderate hazards, our NEMA 3R models equipped with chemical-resistant stainless steel gaskets provide reliable protection. However, for extremely harsh conditions, our Hazardous Location lights are the ideal choice. These specialized lights are designed for use in flammable and explosive atmospheres, featuring copper-free cast aluminum enclosures capable of withstanding explosive pressure without causing further danger.

When selecting lighting for hazardous locations, it's crucial to consider the operational hazards involved. Our range includes options suitable for both normal operational hazards (Class 1 Division 1) and abnormal hazards such as accidents or spills (Division 2).

In addition to their exceptional functionality, our Hazardous Location lights also offer a departure from traditional designs. For a more compact alternative, consider our Hazardous Location Remote Heads, which boast similar features in a smaller package.


When it comes to installing egress lights outdoors, dealing with unpredictable weather conditions like humidity, sleet, and snow can be a major concern. These elements can adversely affect the performance of any sensitive electrical system, particularly industrial emergency lighting.

At Emergency Lights Co., we prioritize equipping our industrial-grade units with essential features to ensure comprehensive protection against such challenges. For instance, our Heavy Duty Wet Location Emergency Light is designed with an optional internal heater, enabling the battery system to operate effectively even in temperatures below 32°F. While listed as an add-on feature, we highly recommend including this heater with all industrial emergency lights intended for installation in freezing environments.

All-in-One: Emergency Fluorescent Lights

Expertly crafted for durability and longevity, our industrial-grade fluorescent egress lights seamlessly integrate standard AC functionality with an emergency backup battery system, offering a dual-purpose solution for our clients. But there's more – each of our fluorescent lights boasts corrosion-resistant, vandal-resistant, and weather-resistant features, making them versatile enough to thrive in various environments. With these qualities combined, our industrial emergency lighting units truly stand out as all-in-one products suitable for a wide range of applications.