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Wet Location Listed Exit Light Combos

In every wet location, there should be emergency fixtures that are waterproof and weatherproof. Devices that resist flooding and moisture are less likely to malfunction or stop working altogether. Take advantage of the benefits attached to the use of our wet location exit sign combos.

Waterproof are made in a housing that is fully gasket and hermetically sealed. As a result, our sign and light combos resist every kind of watery element:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Flooding
  • Condensation

If you reside in a snowy area, buy one of our battery heaters that operate in freezing weather. Our highly efficient LED lights will shine brightly through the haze of rainstorms and blizzards. And since you are combining two fixtures into one, you only need to worry about one battery and one installation.

Our emergency lighting company gives you options. Customize the lighting products to your specifications. Choose how you want the signs and lamp heads to appear in the design.