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At Emergency Lights Co., we understand that outfitting your property with exit signs, emergency lights and combo units can be a significant investment of time and financial resources. Also known as cages, wire guards are perfect for gyms, garages, and other applications that face moderate levels of abuse. We’re committed to reducing the cost and effort required in meeting compliance strictures, and provide the products and accessories to help make this happen.

To avoid the cost and hassle involved in replacing emergency lighting and signage, we strongly recommend the use of wire guards or polycarbonate shields.

Easy to install and extremely long-lasting, wire guards provide an important protective barrier between your exit signage and anything that might impact or alter it. An ideal choice for athletic facilities, public institutions, or other settings in which impact or tampering may be a factor, our exit sign guards are constructed using 20-gauge steel, a material known for its strength, durability, and resilience. Our wire guards also come in a range of sizes, dimensions, and configurations to suit your particular needs. (Click here to view a sample from our extensive selection of exit sign wire guards, or contact us at (800) 480-0707 to consult with a friendly member of our knowledgeable customer support team.)

Protect your investment in emergency lighting and exit signage, and ensure your building’s lasting safety by using a high quality steel wire guard. We invite you to email your questions regarding exit sign wire guards to sales@emergencylights.net.

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