Exit Sign Guards & Shields

Ensure the safety and longevity of your exit signs, emergency lights, and exit sign/emergency light combos with our selection of stylish polycarbonate shields or robust wire guards. Designed to withstand various environments, including gymnasiums, schools, and parking lots, these protective accessories not only enhance the aesthetics but also preserve the efficiency of your investment.

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Wire Guards & Shields

At Emergency Lights Co., we recognize that equipping your property with exit signs, emergency lights, and combo units entails a significant investment of both time and financial resources.

Wire guards, also known as cages, are particularly suited for applications like gyms and garages, where moderate levels of abuse are expected. Our goal is to simplify compliance requirements and minimize costs. To prevent the need for replacing emergency lighting and signage, we highly recommend the use of wire guards or polycarbonate shields.

Easy to install and exceptionally durable, wire guards act as a protective barrier for your exit signage, shielding it from potential damage or tampering. Constructed from 20-gauge steel renowned for its strength and resilience, our wire guards are available in various sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs.