Vandal Proof Exit Signs

The vandal-resistant exit sign is engineered to endure harsh conditions in high-abuse environments like correctional facilities, schools, apartment complexes, and public areas prone to vandalism. Its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing and durable polycarbonate faceplate provide exceptional protection and performance, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding settings.

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Vandal Resistant Exit Signs

Depending on the location and configuration of your space, vandal-proof exit signs may be a smart choice for protecting your emergency signage over time. In high-traffic or public areas that may be subject to abuse, this type of exit sign is especially highly recommended.

When selecting the right heavy-duty exit sign for your space, there are a variety of styles and options from which to choose. Materials from which this type of sign is constructed include polycarbonate, steel, and die-cast aluminum, all highly regarded for their durability. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, vandal-proof exit signs may also be equipped to endure severe temperature shifts, exposure to wetness, and environmental changes.

In addition to assorted material options, our exit signs are outfitted with a variety of lighting types, including LED, photoluminescent, and self-luminous variations. (Check out our popular, highly rated vandal proof LED exit sign with green letters.)