Emergency Lights Get You to Your Exit Fast

Every good building constructor knows the importance of emergency exit lights. Everyone who has ever appeared in public has seen these emergency lights. Everyone needs to be directed safely from the inside of the room to the outside. See how important emergency lights are and why you need the best quality ones.


Importance of Emergency Lights

Emergency exit signs are not enough. You need lights that guide you to the signs and out the door in a matter of seconds. Most exit signs come with emergency lights that are preinstalled. These lights usually come in specific colors like white or red. There are local regulations that tell people where and how to install these lights on shops, restaurants, movie theaters and other places.



You need the best quality emergency exit lights that work at all hours of the day. You are required to test these lights once a year or month, depending on its frequency of use. There are certain inspection requirements that the building owner must follow. There are Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards that involve annual inspections and fire prevention techniques. For instance, the exit sign should be coated with a thermoplastic that cannot be burned in a fire.

Emergency lights usually turn on automatically if the main source of power stops. The lights run continuously even through widespread blackouts. It is necessary to include a backup source of power like a generator. This backup source is required to be safe according to the National Electric Code.


Types of Lights


There are three types of emergency lights available: escape, safety and standby. Escape lights are placed at ground level to light a walkway. You see these small lights on the floors of movie theaters. Safety lights assist workers who work safely around dangerous equipment. Standby lights are used in case of standby emergencies like accidents or medical operations. It is important to know exactly which lights to use for which emergencies.

Emergency lighting systems are designed to guide people through dark rooms that require evacuations for fires and other emergencies. These rooms are usually crowded enough to cause chaos like falls and stampedes. Builder users are required to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible. Emergency lights are made in different sizes, shapes and colors that are big and clear enough for easy detection. Also, there are certain guidelines that you should follow if you want to use these lights. Make sure you invest in the right kind of lighting system.

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