Fixated On Fixtures Part 2

Fixated On Fixtures Part 2

For those of you who don't know, Tender Greens is one of my favorite restaurants in Hollywood. They serve healthy salads, fresh ingredients, and great beers. They also use high quality exit signs and emergency lights. On the way out I snapped a few photos to show you how a trendy restaurant can install the fixtures necessary to meet code compliance while disrupting the carefully designed decor as little as possible.

The first fixture I saw was the Aluminum LED Exit Sign with red letters. This fixture is designed for upscale bars and restaurants like this one. It is finished with brushed aluminum, making at look quite modern while providing a rugged housing that will stand up to moderate abuse. This exit sign also uses energy efficient LED lights that consume less than 5 watts of electricity at all times. It is the perfect fixture for business owners who want to go green by minimizing the electricity bill. You can't see it from the angle of this photo, but this exit sign is double sided. This feature allows one exit sign to take the place of two.

To compliment the Aluminum LED Exit Sign, a Fluorescent Wet Location Emergency Light was installed to meet the emergency light necessity. This fixture can be installed both indoor and outdoor, and uses fluorescent lamps that provide brilliant illumination. Wet location emergency lights can be installed indoor to provide emergency illumination even when fire sprinklers have been initiated. When there is a fire and a power outage, it is important that the fire sprinklers help extinguish the flames while an emergency light guides people to the exit. This fixture is one of the slimmest emergency lights we offer and has s similarly small footprint.

Exit signs and emergency lights are necessary for all businesses, no matter how cool they may be. Just like office buildings and schools, trendy restaurants and nightclubs need emergency fixtures to make evacuation as easy as possible.

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