Q&A with LEDtronics Marketing Manager, Jordon Papanier

Q&A with LEDtronics Marketing Manager, Jordon Papanier

Recently, Emergency Lights Co. sat down with Jordon Papanier, Marketing Manager of LEDtronics for a little Q and A.

1. How Do You Become Interested in LED?

The President of LEDtronics, Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie, started making LED mini lamps back in the seventies forpush button switches and the product line grew from their.

2. So, How Long Have You Been in the LED Lighting Industry?

The company LEDtronics has been designing and manufacturing LED lighting products since 1983 in Torrance, CA. LEDtronics Market Manager offers insight into the LED industry

3. The Buying Public Wants to Know: Are LEDs Ready for General Lighting?

LED lighting products have been ready for general lighting for a few years now. Some of the product used today for general lighting are LED A19 bulbs, LED PAR and R spot light bulbs, MR16 lamps, LED panel Lights, LED T8, LED Post Top and Streetlights as well as LED Floodlights.

4. How Are LEDs Energy Efficient and Cost-effective?

Everyone by now knows that LED lighting products save between 40-80 percent on power over other type of Lighting options. Return on investment for Industry is around 18 months. LED bulbs may still be more costly for the average home owner with twice the return on investment time.

5. After Installation, What is the Typical Life Expectancy of LED Lights?

White LEDs last for 50,000 hours at 30 percent of light loss that is if the White LED is left on for 24 hours a day 24/7, that is if the product is designed correctly like the LEDtronics line of LED lighting products.

7. How Can LED Lights Be Utilized in An Emergency Lighting System?

LED lighting can be used in any emergency lighting system. LED lights work great with solar power system because they use 40 percent to 80 percent less power then incandescent lights.

8. Do You Offer Any LED Lights For Roadway Applications?

We do have LED Streetlight fixtures and 1000 watt LED floodlight fixtures and LED Post Top LED bulbs.

9. Finally, Can You Share Any Of Your Latest Technolgies With Us?

We make and design LED lighting products not the LED Chip. We have New LED T8 that are ballast ready, we have new LED Post Top bulbs and new LED Strip Lights.

In addition to the work he's done at the LEDtronics, Jordon has published numerous articles in local newspapers and national publications, and has appeared on television on the subject of Solid State LED Lighting. He is the author of, Fallen Lotus Petals , a FBI crime thriller.

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