How will Title 24 Affect the Installation of Light Switches?

How will Title 24 Affect the Installation of Light Switches?

The much anticipated day is almost here! 

Effective July 1, 2014, all electrical contractors, architects and project managers in the great state of California will officially be required to abide by the latest update to the Title 24 compliance law.

If you’d wondering how this would affect indoor lighting installation, we’ve got you covered!

For starters, the function that we've used to operating lights indoors will be rendered unacceptable... if not outdated.

When Title 24 (2014) goes into effect, lighting installation in all commercial, industrial and residential facilities in the “Golden State” will require what is commonly referred to in the business as “Area” or "Lighting Controls".

title_24 _lighting

What this means, is that when occupants or residents walk into a room, there must be a automatic light switch that turns itself on and off depending on if the room is occupied.

The mandate requires that all luminaries (or lights) that are in newly installed or retrofitted (in areas that are enclosed by a particular ceiling height) be equipped with occupancy sensors. This includes both emergency pathways and non-emergency areas.

Some examples of places where the lighting controls are required are:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Sales Floors
  • Convention Areas
  • Restrooms (2 or more stalls)

Come back soon. We’ll explain what the shut off requirements are for these controls!

For any information about Title 24, or inquires regarding our emergency lighting inventory, need a quote or if you're looking for expert advice, please contact the Emergency Lights Co. -- anytime! We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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