Wet Location Combo Exit Signs

Exit signs, emergency lights, and combination units with wet location ratings are crafted from water-resistant materials to mitigate or prevent internal component exposure to water. These products are suitable for outdoor settings or areas prone to water spray or moisture. Combo units provide convenient all-in-one solutions for locations needing both exit signs and emergency lighting.

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Wet Location Emergency Exit Sign/Light Combos

In any wet environment, it's essential to have emergency fixtures that offer waterproof and weatherproof capabilities. Devices engineered to resist flooding and moisture are far less prone to malfunctions or complete failure. Explore the advantages of utilizing our wet location exit sign combos.

Our waterproof units feature housing that is fully gasketed and hermetically sealed, ensuring resilience against various watery elements, including rain, snow, sleet, flooding, and condensation. For those residing in snowy regions, consider investing in one of our battery heaters designed to function in freezing weather conditions. Our highly efficient LED lights deliver bright illumination even amidst rainstorms and blizzards. Plus, with the consolidation of two fixtures into one, you only need to manage a single battery and installation.

At our emergency lighting company, we offer customization options to tailor the lighting products to your specific requirements. Select your preferred appearance for the signs and lamp heads in the design.