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Wet Location Emergency Lights

When you need to light up dark places where other lights go out, look no further than our selection of wet location emergency lights. Made with pride in American factories, these lights are designed to work and keep working in all areas exposed to foul weather, from snow and sleet to rain and moisture. Fully enclosed by protective casing, their inner contents are impervious to bad weather so when the power goes out, you can count on them to light your way

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Unlike our competitors, whose inventories are limited, at Emergency Lights Co. we pride ourselves on the ability to offer a stellar array of quality selections. Whether you need to illuminate indoor or outdoor areas, protect from bad weather and vandals alike, or make sure your lights keep shining even at freezing temperatures, at Emergency Lights Co., we’ve got your back. Take a look at some of our quality products today!

  • Wet Location Emergency Light
  • Fluorescent Emergency Light
  • Emergency Wall Pack
  • NEMA 4X Industrial Light
  • Outdoor Linear LED Emergency Lighting Unit

Fluorescent Lights

wet location emergency lightsIf you need that fluorescent glow without risking the bulbs, take a look at our fluorescent wet location emergency lights. Designed for architectural applications where they might be exposed to water, these lights marry the fuel efficiency and power output of fluorescent bulbs with the indestructibility of polycarbonate, creating a sleek, elegant, and efficient emergency light. With an expected life of eight to 10 years, a five-year warranty, and infinite customizability, you can’t go wrong with a fluorescent from the Emergency Lights Co.

NEMA 4X Industrial Emergency Lights

For your toughest jobs, the buck stops with the NEMA 4X industrial light. Perfect for the food packing plant as well as the seaport, these lights can take whatever you can throw at them and keep the light coming. Housed in a tough fiberglass exterior, these wet location emergency lights do more than just repel water. They are impervious to sleet, snow, ice corrosion, hard impacts, and even foreign objects like windblown dust. Shipping with an optional nickel cadmium battery for reliable power and durability, scalable from 6 to 24 volts and 27 to 400 watts, and capable of self-charging and self-diagnosing, this is the light to buy for all your heavy-duty operations. Why Wait? Buy Now! Running a successful business is hard work. Don’t make it harder by purchasing substandard products. Our wet location emergency lights are durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for all your heavy-duty needs, they will keep your company running when everything else fails.

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