White Housing (green letters)

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Exit / Emergency Light Combos with Green Letters

Not all emergency signs are made equally. There are some designs that look better and more professional than others. On our website, find white housing with green LED combos that suit any professional environment from an office to a department store.

The white housing is always guaranteed to match your surroundings. Our signs are sleek, clean and professional, so anyone can use them anywhere.

The ABS thermoplastic of the housing is strong enough to resist heavy blows and excessive moisture. Even after a natural disaster, the plastic remains intact. The LED lighting components are just as strong and reliable. Choose green LED lights to go with your signs. The lights shine brightly through the thickest rainstorm or blizzard.

Research more before you choose white housing with green LED combos. Pick a company that is known for high quality, reliability and top-notch customer service. Look more into the items and services that we provide here.

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