How Do I Troubleshoot A Wet Location Chicago Emergency Lighting Fixture?

It happens.

We’re talking about that moment when you’re not sure if your Chicago rated Wet Location Emergency Light is broken or just tired.

It’s time for that monthly test and one or more of the bug-eyed bulbs just won’t stay on during the 90-minute checkup? What could be the problem? Is it broken? Are they both broken?  Do I take it to be repaired Do I ask for my money back? DO I HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE?!?!

Relax and let’s take a look.

After you’ve taken the required step of conducting either the monthly or yearly testing on your unit as required by the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), you should first pat yourself on back because you’re a great consumer, who follows the rules!

Next, we must figure out if there are some minor issues that may have lead to your unit not to respond to the test.

In order to determine which element(s) of your Chicago rated Wet location unit is causing it not to properly function, please consider the following tips:

  • If your emergency lighting unit doesn’t remain operable during the full 90 minutes of its annual test you may need to open the cabin and check to see if the battery is wired properly
  • If the battery is wired properly yet the unit is still not working, you may need to replace it
  • If one or more bulbs are not working, there may be an issue with them. First check to see if they are screwed or wedged in properly
  • Also, check for corrosion in and around the bulb and socket
  • Then…check the wiring to the bulb
  • If the bulbs are mounted properly and the unit remains inoperable, then replace the bulbs immediately
  • If all seems well with the bulbs, try looking at the circuit board
  • There’s always the…Transformer, check it for operability
  • If nothing seems to work after checking these things, then it’s time to call an electrician
  • Finally, if it’s determined that the device if defective…Return for an exchange or get a refund

We hope that this information has been helpful.

If you need more information on this or other topics, or would like to purchase an emergency lighting unit contact our knowledgeable and courteous staff at (800) 480-0707. You can also Email us we’re here for you at Emergency Lights Co.!