Our Emergency Lighting Products

If you’re looking for emergency solutions for your home, building interior or exterior, or parking lot lights for your truck, car, etc., we have a large selection for your needs!

Whether it’s for Wet location, hazardous location; steel, aluminum or thermoplastic construction; self-luminous, photoluminescent, LED, fluorescent or metal halide types; New York City or Chicago compliant; combos units, edge lit, batteries, and remote heads - WE OFFER IT ALL!!!

The Best Emergency Lights, Bar None!

Looking for the highest quality emergency lights or exit signs? Look no further! Emergency Lights Co. has the biggest selection, the quickest turnarounds and the lowest prices over anyone out there.

Don't know what type or how many emergency lights you require? We can devise a game plan that will bring your building up to code and under budget.

Call us toll-free, anytime day-or-night at 1-800-480-0707 or email our production team to get started.

High-end Quality Manufacturing

Our production team has worked for the top manufacturers of emergency lights, which we now sell wholesale to our customers. Our owners are on the Underwriter's Laboratories advisory panel - the leading authority on electronic safety devices. This gives us the biggest edge over our competitors who are often clueless when it comes to the emergency lights they sell.

Because we retain close connections with our manufacturers, we will fight to have your emergency lights bumped to the top of the queue. We also cut out the middle man to ship the light you need directly, and at the lowest price possible.

American-made and fully complaint

Another aspect that makes Emergency Lights Co. different from the rest is our commitment to selling only American-made fixtures. Not only does it help the economy by keeping jobs in the USA; it spares you from buying un-satisfactory lights or exit signs that could fail during an actual emergency.