Reduced Profile Exit Sign & Emergency Light Combo with Thermoplastic - Green Letters

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Reduced Profile Exit Sign & Emergency Light Combo with Thermoplastic | CEM Series

Introducing the CEM Series Exit Sign & Emergency Light Combo with Thermoplastic – a cutting-edge solution for unparalleled safety and efficiency. Illuminate your path to safety with the reduced profile exit sign combination.

Key Features:

1. Brilliant Illumination: Experience ultra-bright, energy-efficient, and long-life Green LED EXIT sign illumination.

2. Adjustable Lighting: White LED adjustable lamp heads provide up to 30-ft center-to-center spacing with a 3-ft path of egress at a 10-ft mounting height. Each head boasts 1.5 watts (3 LEDs x 0.50 watts).

3. All-Inclusive Design: Benefit from a unique assembly featuring an all-inclusive lamp, reflector, and lens for optimal performance.

4. Versatile Power: Operate seamlessly with dual 120/277 voltage, ensuring flexibility and reliability.

5. Battery Condition Indicator: Stay informed with a bi-color LED indicator that alerts occupants of battery conditions (Green for normal, Red for battery check).

6. Compliance Assurance: Easily comply with mandated code testing using the charge rate/power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch.

7. Reliable Power Source: Rely on a 3.6V long-life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCd battery for continuous support during emergencies.

8. Automatic Emergency Illumination: Activate internal solid-state transfer switch for a minimum 90-minute emergency illumination in the event of a power outage.

9. Efficient Charging: Benefit from a fully automatic solid-state, two-rate charger that recharges a discharged battery in 24 hours.

10. Flexible Mounting: Mount effortlessly with the included canopy for top or end mount, and utilize the universal knockout pattern for wall mounting.

11. Durable Construction: Crafted from injection-molded, engineering-grade, 5VA flame-retardant, high-impact resistant thermoplastic, available in white or black finish.

12. Directional Guidance: Easily identify escape routes with snap-out Chevron directional indicators.

13. Remote Capability: Utilize the remote capacity of 2.5 watts for added convenience.

14. Self-Diagnostic Feature: Ensure reliable operation with the self-diagnostic feature, performing monthly, biannual, and annual tests to meet electrical and life safety codes.

15. Warranty Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with a five-year warranty on all electronics and housing, with battery prorated for five years.

16. Compliance Certification: Meet safety standards with certifications including UL924, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State Codes.

17. Damp Location Approved: UL Listed for damp locations (0°C – 50°C) to accommodate various environmental conditions.

18. Energy Efficiency: Comply with CEC under Title 20 Regulations for energy efficiency.

Invest in the CEM Series Exit Sign & Emergency Light Combo – a reliable and innovative solution that prioritizes safety and peace of mind.