Edison Price Darklite 4 in. 75W MR16 Lensed Recessed Low Voltage Wallwasher

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Darklite Washlite MR/4 is a 4 inch aperture lensed wallwasher designed for use with 12-volt MR-16 flood lamps (75-watt maximum; see note below). The integral electronic transformer delivers 11.8 volts, to lengthen lamp life. Recess depth is only 6 and 3 quarter inch. The optical assembly consists of a lamp holder, an internal reflector, a 40 x 70 degress glass spread lens and an external reflector. Precise optical design provides uniform illumination on vertical surfaces up to the ceiling line and minimizes aperture brightness. The optical assembly provides 360 degrees horizontal rotation and may be removed from the fixture housing as a unit for easy relamping. Bulb: 75W MR16 (not included) Diameter (in): 7 in. inner, 8.25 outer Family Brand Name: Darklite Height: 6-3/4 in. Length: 13-5/8 in. Output Voltage: 11.8