Hazardous Location Combination Exit Emergency Battery Unit

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The SVXH Series of Combination Exit Emergency Battery Unit has
been designed specifically for installation in hazardous locations and
other high abuse, industrial environments. Weather resistant, high
impacts, vibrations and variations in temperature. The SVXH Series
is ideally suited for areas with the risk of presence of flammable
gases, vapors or liquids able to create an explosive gas atmosphere.

Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries
• Nickel-Cadmium • Nickel-Metal-Hydrid


• Manufacturing Plants, • Chemical Plants, Food Processing Areas, • Paint Shops, • Moisture, Dirt or Dust Concerns, • Oil Refineries • Wet or Corrosive Conditions,• Gas Stations

Standard Features

• Evaluated to UL 924 standard and to UL 844 Standard for hazardous
locations: Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
• Temperature Codes evaluated for several types of emergency lamps
• Polyvinyl chloride frame, with built-in gasket to prevent water infiltration
• Heavy-duty 1/8-inch thick aluminum back plate with key-holes for secure
wall-mount installation
• Designed for wall-mount installation only
• Sealed faceplate of heavy-duty, vandal-resistant polycarbonate
• Exit sign module illuminated by long-life, energy-efficient LEDs
• Two MR16 halogen lamps, shielded by a cast aluminum housing and a
polycarbonate cover
• Sealed, maintenance-free Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries
• Comes standard with self-test / self-diagnostic functions
• ½ inch electrical conduit entry on both sides and at the top

The Survive-All SVXH Combo Series has a 5-year full warranty (excluding
lamps and fuses).

Unit Data
The rugged PVC body will not dent, peel or corrode. The sealed faceplate is
constructed with a heavy duty, vandal-resistant polycarbonate cover and
fastened with stainless steel tamper-resistant screws. The test switch is
magnetically operated. Models can only be wall mounted. The innovative,
fully field adjustable lamp head assembly comes standard with a
selection of MR16 lamp for optimum illumination over the path of egress.

Fully automatic pulse charger offers 120/277 Vac, 60 Hz., current limiting
temperature compensation, short circuit proof, low voltage battery disconnect,
brownout protection and standard solid state transfer feature.
Diagnostic / Self Test Feature (Standard)
Diagnostic / Self Test circuitry is standard on all self-powered models. This
circuitry is programmed to ensure the exits readiness and reliability by
continuously monitoring every critical function of the unit. If a problem occurs,
a single “Service Required” indicator illuminates immediately. A detailed
diagnostic display is located on the inside of the exit sign, out of sight from the
general public. The detailed diagnostic display inside the exit sign will further
indicate the nature of the fault. The self test will test the unit for a minimum 30
seconds every 30 days, 30 minutes every 60 days and 90 minutes annually.