Edge Lit Exit - Class 1 Division 2 - Hazardous - Red or Green LED

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When it comes to hazardous locations, exit signs tend to be very boring and utilitarian. You can choose red or green letters and that's about it. But what is life without it's little aesthetic pleasure? That's why the Class 1 Division 2 edge lit exit sign is the perfect way to keep your manufacturing plant, grain elevator or heavy industrial location looking good while keeping all your buddies safe and the inspectors out of your hair.

These puppies are fire-proof, watertight and boy can they really take a wallop! Our stylish Class 1 Division 2 edge lit exit signs look a lot like the commercial signs you see in upscale hotels and office lobbies. Edge-Lits have a very low-profile look because all of the electronics, battery backup and conduit hook-ups are stored within the sign's upper housing. This is what allows the sign panel to have a very thin, tapered profile that looks like an exit sign of the future!


  • Reinforced cast aluminum housing
  • Rated for Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations - Groups A,B,C & D
  • Simultaneous Presence in Class III and II locations
  • ETL and UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • UL 1598A Listed for Marine Outside Type
  • IP65 Rated for dust ingress protection
  • 3-hours of continuous emergency operation
  • Energy Star Rated

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We all know that the environment you work in affects the way you work. Everything from the overall architecture, color scheme down to the scuff marks on the wall will contribute to someone's mindset during the work day. Employees in Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations have enough on their minds to worry about; their work space has explosive gas, dust and vapors present all day, every day! At least give them a nice exit sign to look at.

Unlike commercial edge-lits, the HLEX is too bulky to be recessed into a ceiling. However it can be mounted in just about any configuration your C1 D2 area could need. Say you have a catwalk that needs a sign every 75-feet along the middle? Just slip the top junction hub onto a pendant bracket and feed conduit through one of three NPT holes. If the ceiling is too tall the sign can be bolted onto a flag (end)mount via two 1/4" hex head bolts on the back housing. These bolts can also be used to connect a wall mounting plate so workers can see the sign on a far wall or bulkhead.

External Specifications

The green or red 'exit' legend is laser inscribed into a clear acrylic sign panel. A white film is slipped inside the panel to emphasize the exit legend and maintain visibility during a fire. The sign's housing is casted from copper-free aluminum which our factory sprays with an even, baked epoxy powder coating. This not only makes the HLEX inflammable, but incredibly resistant to sea water and corrosion.

Internal Specifications

A recessed light emitting diode (LED) strip inside the housing (available in American Red or International Green) projects light onto the sign board. The Exit legend and outlying edge of the panel will ililluminate while the background stays white. LEDs are incredibly reliable and last between 8-10 years, making them a real time saver for factory owners and maintenance teams who shouldn't have to worry about burnt out exit signs in their facility.

AC electricity is fed to the unit through any of the 1/2" NPT conduit points located on the sign's upper hub. To ensure that you and your workers are safe, this sign is equipped with a NiCd battery that keeps the HLEX lit for up to 3 hours when a power outage or surge occurs. Another nifty feature is the Self Diagnostic option, great for large factories and oil rigs where maintenance efficiency is a must. Just let the SD computer do all of the monthly tests for you.

Electrical Specifications

  • Dual Tap 120/277VAC Input
  • 60 Hz frequency
  • 220-240VAC and other voltages available upon request


The internal Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) battery will last for 15 years. Recharge time is about 24 hours.


  • 5-year warranty on housing, panel and components.
  • 3-year warranty on the battery.


25 years.


Faces - choose single or dual-sided exit panels.

Mounting - choose Wall, Pendant or end configurations.

Self Diagnostic - eliminate monthly and periodic testing and let your sign do the work! An audible alert will let you know whenever there is a fault in the battery or LED strip.

Euro Legend - select a green ISO-approved 'Running Man' legend instead of the word exit. You can also choose a custom legend. Just realize it takes a few weeks longer to deliver custom signage to you.